About Me
My Name: ------------From My Military background. Like the kamikaze pilots with a goal to complete, even if it results in the lost of their own life; in most cases it did. I too have a goal not just to be a house hold name and a voice of hip-hop, but to make music for the ages, something that can capture time. Kamikaze CMI, CMI is the abbreviation of my Recording label Creative Music Inc, to separate me from the other million kamikaze’s out there.

Genre:-----------------I classify my genre as Alternative Hip-Hop. It’s a mix between Rock and Rap. I typically use some of the strings instruments you would find in Rock and Roll and merge it with the bass, hi hats and snar you hear in Hip-Hop. And also use a Hip-Hop tempo and lyrics but use the attitude and delivery of Rock and Roll hooks, in my hooks. So sometimes you may hear me screaming.

Artist / Producer:--------------- I’m a Artist and a Music Producer. If I had to choose which one I like best or which one I’m best at; I couldn’t. I’m by far my worst critic. I produce all my own beats and write all my own lyrics. I use KORG, M3, M50, Triton Extreme or live instruments for all my productions. I will produce a track and love it, but after listening at it a hundred times I start to dislike it, I will delete it. All my music I love none no more than the other. I am very conscious when I write however; I’m not a conscious rapper. I speak what’s on my mind.

Influences: ------------------Life is a big influence, and almost losing your life is even more of an influence. You appreciate things more, and for me it fuels my creativity and helps me to make good music. With that said there a few artist who I do aspire to be like or better than. Lil Wayne, his creativity and wiliness to exploit any genre of music and staying true to himself are characteristics I like. Kurt Cobain, A true legend in my eyes, Linkin Park, Atreyu, Marlyn Manson, BOB, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and, all the underground artist who know what it is to listens to what’s main stream now and want to make it better, in every genre.

Current Projects:----------------- I will release my second Solo album March 15th 2011 called Alternative, which will be Online and in stores regionally, in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware area. I’m also working on getting in the south, Georgia, Louisiana and the Carolina’s

History:--------------- I have been on several radio stations to many list and opened up for Bobby Valentino, The Clips, Juvinile, Young Guns, and Lil webbie. I have been interviewed on shade 45 and Q93 in New Orleans. . I have been involve in the production of 5 albums; A Mile in my Shoes by the Click, Along time coming by the Click, Welcome to Versatown by The Versatyle kings; All which were released regionally in their areas and online. My songs have made it to the #1 spot on several music web sites.

Views on record contract with a major label:-------------------- I would like to get a deal but NOT a recording deal, I would like a major distribution deal. Labels tend to want to change the uniqueness of music until it sounds like everything else. I love being my own boss, if I can get my recording label a deal and they will give me free reign to do as I please as a artist, that would be good. But they better hurry before I do it all myself.

Live Performance:---------------- More than recording and producing music, I love to performing and getting my audience involved. I’m currently working with a Band to do live shows nothing prerecorded to really give the wow factor when on stage. I have in the pass performed all over the states, North Carolina, New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York and San Diego, in some cases in competition for a cash prize and almost all the time win.

Biography:--------------- I was born in the City of New Orleans LA, and raised in the Calliope Projects. Music has always been my way to escape everyday life and my way to see the struggles that other people have. I’ve been writing and making music since the age of 8 and has been my passion ever since. I see music as a tool to get a point across and a tool to express any emotion; I use it just for that. After finally understanding how fragile life is, I was determined to make my mark on life. I made some decisions I’m not too proud of to fund my way of living but was necessary. After seeing many of the abrupt endings of majority of my friends, it started t sink in that maybe I would have that same faith. I decided to make a drastic change. I joined the military, but wasn’t too expectable to their way business but I still maintained and learned, ultimately making me a better person a better writer and a better entertainer. The military has funded majority of my projects and has introduce me to some brilliant people who has help me in my quest for superstardom. I have performed in almost all 50 states and in different countries, even when I’m on military business, such as being deployed, I still manage to push my music and entertain the people. I believe I have a slight different story to tell then I guest your everyday artist. My story starts on the streets of New Orleans projects, then the military, and onto the stage performing in front of my fans. (Yes Iraq too, I’ve been there 4 tours). I’m a producer, a writer, a director an entertainer and most importantly I’m a Father.